Saint Germain ~ Love and Twin Flames ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

Saint Germain ~ Love and Twin Flames

~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

June 13, 2013

Saint Germain

I express my deepest gratitude for this opportunity to step forward through my beloved Portia. Although the both of us are loving Twin Flames, each of your hearts is mine and Portia’s also, just as both our hearts are yours. We all form one huge consciousness and one web of creation which implies that we all are part of the big Cosmic Source of Love and Being.

I feel enclined to express my energy and love today through the much talked about topics of Love and Twin Flames. The unity and the grid of Love are something so wonderful and pure of essence that they represent an exceptional creation which can take on any shapes and aspects it wants, everything is possible.

Being part of this grid, all of you with no exceptions, see to it that All That Is can shape and take the form of Its creations that it wants to experience and to BE. You are that experience, you are that shape, you are the Being in creation, you are that endless energy which takes on all sorts of forms and colours, coming from this grid of Love and Being. The most staggering shapes and essences are expressed through all of you my dear hearts. You are very exceptional !!

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Saint Germain ~~Twinsouls and Twinflame ~~ Méline Lafont

Saint Germain ~~Twinsouls and Twinflame ~~

14/06/2012   Channeled by Méline Lafont

Dear Ones,

I Am Saint Germain and today I would like to explain the difference between twin souls and Twin Flames. It is generally understood by now that everyone has only 1 Twin Flame but has several twin souls. A twin soul, or soulmate, is a soul with whom you already have had several incarnations and pretty much always the both of you were very close to one another. The kind of bond can vary from a relationship with a partner, it can take the form of a family member or even a very tight friendship. Twin souls are always close to each other and have a tight bond with one another. In each incarnation you both will meet and share life’s experiences together. Every twin soul has made the choice in the higher realms to be connected with each other in specific incarnations. It can even take the form of some sort of guide, someone who helps you get through a tough situation, someone you are inclined to ask advice from when things get hopelessly complicated and there seems to be nowhere out.

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SaLuSa 8 May 2012- Question on Twin Flame

SaLuSa 8 May 2012- Question on Twin Flame

Channeler: Laura Tyco

SaLuSa 8 May 2012- Question on Twin Flame

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa, a reader has asked if you could bring forth any relevant information on Twin Flame Love, please?

SaLuSa: Twin Flame Reunion is something sacred, and as such, we do not speak much of it. As you know this way of communication is read by many, even by the cabal, and we do not wish to focus on this issue at this time.
What I could tell you is that Twin Flames do reunite when both are ready to do so, never before. This implies a certain completion in the cycle of duality. Along with that goes a certain level of conscious love and understanding, a certain level of awareness that has shifted for both parties from the subconscious into the conscious.

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Sacred Geometry & Twin Flame Sacred Sexuality ~ Liora

Sacred Geometry & Twin Flame Sacred Sexuality

7 April 2011

Sacred Geometry & Twin Flame Sacred Sexuality

The Vesica Piscis represents divine union. Its two identical, interlocking circles signify two polarities, the magnetic and electric, coming together to form a trinity. This sacred geometrical pattern occurs when a planet is being born, and when the first 2 cells of a human being divide in the womb. When we are in our true essence, in union with ourselves, we become pure channels for the actualization of this energetic union. Within the sacred Twin Flame Reunion, we expand to become two beings conjoined as One, vibrating in harmony. Breathing in sync, heartbeats in rhythm, we create a third field of energy, the Trinity of the Vesica Piscis.

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The Sacred Twin Flame Reunion ~ by Liora

The Sacred Twin Flame Reunion

by Liora

The journey of the Sacred Twin Flame Reunion is the ultimate quest for wholeness.

In these transitioning times dawning a New Era of Unity Consciousness of the 7th Golden Age, many are expanding their spiritual awareness and connecting through their hearts into a deeper experience of Divine Love. As a result of this awakening into a higher vibration, the Divine is orchestrating the Reunion of the Sacred Twin Flames. This is due to harmonics and resonance because Twin Flames are the exact matching tonal counterpart. The exact SOUL frequency.

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Spiritualität im Alltag ~ Neumond 4. März 2011

Spiritualität im Alltag

Neumond 4. März 2011

ICH BIN kommt auf die Erde!

Seit dem letzten Neumond-Satsang (3. Februar 2011) bin ich erkältet und eher etwas schlapp – oder sagen wir mal, es gibt so eine Seite in mir.

Ich glaube der Neumond-Satsang (18.Februar 2011) hat meinem Körper einen Riesen-Schub verpasst, damit die ISIS Energie noch mehr Platz hat in mir :-O!

Einige von Euch haben mir erzählt oder geschrieben, dass Ihr mit alten, wieder aufflackernden Emotionen konfrontiert seid und dass dies begleitet sei, von einer grossen Müdigkeit und verschiedenen körperlichen Auswirkungen.

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