Love Overcomes

A South African student from the North West University in Potchefstroom is going viral after posting a video of him inspiring peace through sharing love.

The University protests which are in their second year have turned violent with some students and citizens taking to the streets to express their anger.

But some students and community members are not joining the masses.

Rynaard De Goede is one of those incredible South Africans. The NWU student took to social media to inspire peace and love instead of protesting.



Celtic Mirror – From the Bottom of the Celtic Heart

Celtic Mirror – Dawn of the Battle / Battlefield of Love

Celtic Mirror – Albumtrailer 2013 Instrumentalversion


Music: Sascha Herrendoerfer

Photos from Scotland and Videoproduction:
Regina Hoer
Rainer Steinke

Audiomastering:  Janko Sadnik

Battlefield of Love

Eine Geschichte,wie sie tragischer nicht sein könnte.
Eine Liebe, die nicht geduldet wird.
Doch Liebe ist nicht trennbar.
Um die Liebe wurde zu allen Zeiten gekämpft-
Mythen und Sagen ranken sich um sie.
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All Aboard? Last Call to LOVE! ~ Lauren C.Gorgo

All Aboard? Last Call to LOVE!

Lauren C.Gorgo ~ ~  Tuesday, December 20, 2011

“The earth that you once knew is no longer…there is a new vibrational pattern that has permeated the blueprint of the planet and you now exist as members of the galactic community, cousins to the enlightened citizens of your galaxy.” -Pleiadian High Council

The New Earth

In just a couple more days, thru the solstice on 12/22, we will have completed the last and final recalibration of 2011, and according to the PHC, this completes our journey to new earth.  We may not have a full understanding of what this means for each of us individually yet, and most of us are still too weary to go searching, but I am hearing that the profound realignment that took place over the last several weeks was required to fortify ourselves with LOVE so that we are fully anchored in christed-consciousness for the global restructuring that will take place this coming year as a result of our arriving here.  And it promises to be another big year in the sense that the physical restructuring and transformations of 2012 are inevitable, and will serve their purpose to effectively shift the human collective to the HEART of all matters and open all pathways to LOVE.

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Deeper Faith & Trust ~ Liora

Deeper Faith & Trust

29 August 2011 – Channeler: Liora

Dear Ones..

At this point of transition, dawning a new consciousness of Divine unity, more light waves of transformational energy are activating and awakening you at the deepest levels of your soul.

Yes Beloveds , this is powerful soul expansion. You are shifting realities. Transitioning from mental thought-forms to the authentic feelings of the True Heart.
As a result of these activations and initiations you are required to move beyond out-dated emotional reactions and responses. It is not until you experience these life scenarios of emotional response, that you are able to transcend the patterns and know The Self deeper. To love The Self unconditionally. Embodying this new vibration of transcendence of limitation. Weiterlesen →

LOVE takes the Lead: the return of feminine power ~ Lauren C.Gorgo

Conscious Co-Creation Coaching ~ Lauren C.Gorgo

Monday, July 11, 2011

LOVE takes the Lead: the return of feminine power

July really came in with a bang…pun intended.  Speaking of fireworks… a heartfelt thank you for all the birthday wishes from each and every one of you and from all over the world. Every single email was a precious gift, and I lit up like birthday cake for each one.  There is so much love in this community that its hard to take it all in, in one sitting, so I read these letters for days on end…which made my special day feel like a special week. (Tho, with the compression of time, the 4th really felt like an eighth, so I  s e r i o u s l y  had to milk it.) Anyway, thank you all for being beautiful.

To Hell in a Handbasket

„You have undergone a potent combination of lunar, solar and planetary events that has completely restructured your emotional reality… events that initiated and precipitated deep stirrings within the human core.  This stirring is bringing up some deep wounds for release, both personally and collectively, and as a result, many are now opening to realize their true selves as separate from the many karmic mis-creations that previously held you bound. A congratulations is definitely in order.“
-Seven Sisters of Pleiades

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Metatron: Mitternacht im Garten ~ Tyberron

„Mitternacht im Garten“

EE METATRON durch Tyberonn, 06.04.2011,

Übersetzung: Shana,

Grüße Ihr Lieben, ICH BIN METATRON, Lord des Lichts. Ich begrüße euch alle in Bedingungsloser Liebe!!

Meister, euer Leben ist eine großartige Reise sich fortsetzender  Erforschungen.

Viele von euch in der Metaphysik sind mit dem Ausdruck „nehmt eure Macht, steht in eurer Wahrheit“ vertraut.

Tatsächlich ist dies geeignet, denn Liebe erfordert wirklich einen notwendigen Bestandteil großer Stärke. Beides sind Energie und Liebe, Wissenschaft und Künste, in denen sich viele von euch viele Lebenszeiten dem Lernen gewidmet haben. Ihr habt Lebenszeiten gehabt, die der Versklavung gewidmet wurden, um die Aspekte der Liebe zu erlernen, und in diesen Prozessen setztet ihr andere vor eure Selbst, und in diesem Prozess wurden die Frequenzaspekte der Selbstliebe, des Selbstwertes ein wenig missverstanden und vernachlässigt.

Ihr habt viele Lebenszeiten der Entwicklung von Liebe und Stärke gewidmet. Oft wurden diese sehr polarisiert. Beim Zusammenbringen dieser beiden müssen die Nuancen der Energien verfeinert und tatsächlich verschoben werden. Ihr seht, innerhalb diesem die Wiederherstellung von dem was Seelenspaltung genannt wird, und was durch Gegenüberstellung in großer Bemühung in der Mer-Ka-NIC in Harmonie gebracht werden kann.

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