Lauren C.Gorgo ~ Beginning Again: moving out of time

Beginning Again: moving out of time

Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Jan 24, 2017 ~ The 5D Report

Welcome to the new everything!  The good, the bad, the magical…it’s ALL new and it’s all YOU.

Together we, if barely, made it out of the 9 vibration that defined each and every nuance of the last 12 months…a pervasive overtone that painted our lives and the world with a clear sense of finality at every turn. There is just no question left that life on earth is/has been radically altered and tho we may have a bit of a 2016 hangover, beneath the disorientation of such a major transition there is a definite sense of “making it to safety” for those breaking free from duality.

The paradox is that this internal sense of budding security comes at a time when the world and its contents are (seemingly) the most insecure. And that, for those ensouling, is exactly as it should be…how it was designed to be (by us, for us), and at the very beginning of “time”.

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Lauen C.Gorgo: End of The END: liberation of the human slave race

End of The END: liberation of the human slave race

Lauren C. Gorgo ~ December 12, 2016 ~ The 5D Report

And so here we are.  The final month of the last year spanning an uber intensive 9-year journey of remarkable (miraculous even) inner expansion and transformation.

We are at the (official) end of the end, completing the completions of quite a legendary cycle of human experience and as a result, every single one of us is being celebrated by the many enlightened beings who we have been working with us since the beginning to achieve such extraordinary aims.

The culmination of this 9 year cycle has offered each of us the ability to defragment, to unify every lost aspect of Self thru the full acceptance and integration of our shadows…those parts of us that, until now, were not fully illuminated.  For those of you who have restored your vision to see every part of yourself as LOVE, you will be moving into the new creation cycle with the ability to now experience yourself as LOVE.

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Lauren C.Gorgo ~ Mastering the Merger: the dissolution of identity

It’s official.  September 2016 was the  l o n g e s t  month in the history of everness.

In some ways it was also the most excruciating, and yet, because we have spent so many years preparing for the ultimate (and repetitive) death that we would all have to walk thru last month, there was also a growing sense of capability…maybe even mastery…as we persevered thru some of the oldest demons of our existence one last time.

For those of you who took a final inventory of your most ancient wounds and have fully realized your wholeness…i.e. that the defragmentation (read: self-healing) journey is officially over…the door to your new reality is now opening.  This month we begin to make our way into the next 9 year cycle of our divine-human mastery, one that no longer requires suffering in order to evolve/expand/experience life on earth.

It may not feel that way yet as we have been hollowed to a point of near non-existence, but we are still pivoting from empty to full…refilling our LOVE cups with only what’s true.  It will continue to be a slow and steady strengthening but our new beginnings are anchoring and we are starting to tap into the new potentials that are fully aligned with our soul’s truth. Weiterlesen →

Lauren Gorgo: September Report


Lauren Gorgo: September Report

Von der Sonnenfinsternis zur Tagundnachtgleiche = der ultimative Balanceakt

Die Energien des neuen Monats beginnen bereits hier anzukommen. Und sie verkünden die Ankunft von superheldenhaften (männlich-weiblich) ausgleichenden Energien an, die unser verdichtetes Körpersystem neu justieren … in Vorbereitung auf das Jahr 2017 … das Jahr, in dem unser Planet so viele Menschen wie nur möglich, die stabil in der göttlichen Neutralität verankert sind, benötigen wird.

Wir bewegen uns in eine Periode der Erdung … der grundlegenden Integration des neuen beschleunigten Schaffenszyklus, der sich exponentiell [unbegrenzt] durch das Löwentor steigerte und bis zur Tagundnachtgleiche am 22. September vollständig einsatzbereit und tragfähig ist … als direkte Folge der letzten Eklipse [Halbschatten Mondfinsternis] in diesem Jahr … am 16. September 2016.

Ich weiß, dass viele sich entlastet fühlen, jetzt, da dieser Monat zu Ende geht, aber die Löwen-Energie gipfelte in einem absoluten Inferno des kreativen Feuers, das für diesen bevorstehenden Zyklus unbedingt notwendig…

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