New Earth Rising ~ September 2011 ~ Celia Fenn

New Earth Rising
Adventures in the New Consciousness

20th September : Equinox September 2011 : Towards 11/11/11…..Diving Deeper…..

As we move towards what I think of as our „date with destiny“on the 11/11/11, I have been finding that words are not flowing as easily as in the past. It is almost like I have developed an aversion to the clever „mind bytes“ and sage advice that is so common these days. Advice on how to live, what to think, how to make money and what to say….and yet….the desire is to go deeper and deeper…..deeper into the very truth of Who we Are and what we Feel in our Heart and Soul.

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Das Rad des Schicksals: der Wendepunkt ~ Lauren C.Gorgo

Sonntag, 14. August 2011
Lauren C. Gorgo, Think with Your

Übersetzung:  Aurianne

Das Rad des Schicksals: der Wendepunkt

An die Licht-Träger

Ihr seid gerade dabei den Übergang in das spirituell-galaktische Erwachsensein zu machen da ihr euch über die Etappe der Reise, die wir die Verkörperungsphase nennen, hinaus wagt. Diese Phase geht der Vollendung entgegen und in den nächsten Wochen wird es noch so vieles zu zeigen geben…

Für jetzt begreift einfach, ihr seid die Brigade, durch die all die evolutionären Veränderungen etabliert werden. Ihr, zu denen wir sprechen, seid die wahren Licht-Träger…denn ihr habt Licht dorthin gebracht, wo keins war…in jede Ecke; jede Facette des menschlichen Lebens…und jede Industrie, jede Nation, jede Kultur der Welt verändert sich aufgrund eurer lautlosen Siege. Durch jeden von euch ist das neue Paradigma fest an Ort und Stelle verankert, und es ist wegen euch, die Boden & Netzarbeiter, dass die neue Ära des menschlichen Bewusstseins beginnen und obsiegen werde.“Sieben Schwestern der Pleiaden

Abschluss der Wiederanbindung

Gemäß den Pleiaden, der Abschluss der Wiederanbindung unserer schlafenden DNA (den konventionellen Wissenschaftlern bekannt als „Unbrauchbare (Junk)“ DNS…welche 12 Stränge der Doppelhelix und 24 Lichter oder auch der Beschleunigungscode der zusammengehörigen Paaren (12 magnetisch/weibliche und 12 elektrisch/männliche)beinhaltet…fängt am 11:11 an, der universalen Pforte, die sie das ‚Portal zum Leben in vollen 5D Bewusstsein‘ nennen. Das ist die Aktivierung der kompletten kristallinen Matrix, oder der göttlichen Blaupause, welche den original 12 Strang DNA Aufbaucode des ursprünglichen spirituellen Prototypen beinhaltet.

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Wheel of Fortune: the turning point ~ Lauren C.Gorgo

Conscious Co-Creation Coaching ~ Lauren C.Gorgo

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wheel of Fortune: the turning point

ANNOUNCEMENT: For those inquiring about my recent Pleiadian-guided handbook (From Suffering to Spiritual Ecstasy: simple integration techniques for sacred embodiment) I’ve decided to make the download available to all my readers based on the overwhelming response to it, and the fact that it has gone viral anyway.  The 19 page handbook is temporarily a donation-based offering and can be acquired thru paypal HERE
NOTE! Offering this by donation meant a bit of a janky (unconventional) set up so after you complete the transaction be sure to click the link to „return to“ and you will be given the option to download your copy immediately.

To The Light-Bearers

You are currently undergoing the transition into spiritual-galactic adulthood as you venture beyond the leg of the journey that we refer to as the embodiment phase. This phase is nearing completion and there will be so much to share with you in the coming weeks…

For now, realize that you are the brigade by which all evolutionary change will be based. You to whom we speak are the true light-bearers…for you brought light where there was none…into every corner, every facet of human life…and every industry, every nation, every culture of the world is changing because of your silent triumphs. It is because of each of you that the new paradigm is anchored firmly in place, and it is because of you, the ground & grid-workers, that the new era of human consciousness shall begin and prevail.“ – Seven Sisters of Pleiades

Reconnection Completion

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eva sophia :
19 March 2011


Tomorrow’s EQUINOX [a major, yearly shifting point] is especially propitious in our clearing, „en-light-ening“ work because there is a MUTABLE GRAND CROSS involved:

I call it FULL MOON CROSSING THE DRAGON because the MOON/SUN axis is crossing the axis of the DRAGON’s HEAD [North Node — which is potently conjunct Galactic Center] and DRAGON’s TAIL, South Node.

The MOON’s nodes represent our DHARMA [life mission, new energies to be learned] & KARMA [familiar, old energies to be mitigated or released).

THE MUTABLE GRAND CROSS is a potent configuration — 2 oppositions combined with 4 squares — to help us RELEASE & SHIFT ENERGY.

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LOVE Is Not A Cliché

jetzt auch in deutsch : Übersetzung von Shana: „Liebe ist kein Klischee“

LOVE Is Not A Cliché 

March 18, 2011

This weekend we have the opportunity of setting this planet on a new course that will move the Earth and all her Life a quantum leap out of the darkness and into the Light. This is just the beginning. We need to continue focusing daily on our planetary CAUSE of Divine Love until we reach a critical mass that will create the unstoppable shift we have all been working toward. We are at a crossroads, and this is a critical turning point for Humanity. It is vital that we understand we are not to just sit and wait for the winds of change and the incoming Cosmic frequencies to transform our lives. Instead, we must focus on the Light with our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings, and utilize the incoming energies to cocreate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth that we have all been longing to manifest.

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