The Perfection Paradigm

Issue # 55: Earth-Keeper Chronicles – December 2010
„The Perfection Paradigm“

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

„Greetings Beloved, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I encircle each of you with Unconditional Love.

Masters, there is a pattern for your perfection, and you recalibrate within it daily. We tell you that it is your indelible nature in human form to ever be in sacred resonance with the Divine Pattern of Cosmic Evolution as it unfolds on the Earth. The Divine Pattern is in essence the ordained and organized blueprint as it ever expands and unfolds. And while there are times your earthen expression does not match the pattern, it is indeed yet within your higher self, and as such always obtainable, more so than you imagine.

So be assured that despite what you may think of as errors, each and every one of you will in time achieve Mastery, through the wisdom of cause, effect and remedial action.

Accordingly every individual human life is a time-released artistic expression, as it is woven into a magnificent multidimensional tapestry. It is a unique masterpiece that each of you craft, one linear sojourn at a time, as it contours into an immaculate embodiment of perfection. All in time then do each of you complete the infinity circle, the graduation beyond the causal plane, returning from whence you came into Divine Perfection.

And so we speak of the pattern of the Perfect Human…

Formatting Via the 13th Crystal Skull
We will say in a truly valid context that all souls who enter into humankind do so first by passing thorough a formatting process within the frequencial micro circuitry paradigm of the reality hologram. This is the same pattern that is ‚zipped‘ and solidified into the condensed model, that you term the 13th Crystal Skull. But here we must be clear, the model of the crystal skull is the encompassing keeper or storage library of that greater frequencial hologram and its massive frequencial data, but it is not the hologram itself. Weiterlesen →

Connecting to the Energy of the Mayan Crystal Skulls: On Becoming Multidimensional


I humbly ask for a message that can be shared with lightworkers and humanity, from the energy of the Crystal Skulls that are in ceremony this month. 13 Skulls will be united and a Mayan person will receive the wisdom of each crystal skull.

I found a description on the web of what the ceremony may be like, which follows:

Drunvalo Melchizedek states that the crystal skull ceremony is held once every 1,000 years, and the owner of the crystal skulls and the ‚grandmother‘ would make a special concoction of special herbs, psychedelic plants and mushrooms and make it very strong, which would take them in their spirit into the crystal skulls in their minds, but not their physical body. Through that, they would remember the previous knowledge that had been lost. The Mayans are going to be doing this soon, 13 Shamans, which can be either men or women or both will do this ceremony. The holy place is called „Cepa pu‘

The cave was 28 kilometers long

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Die Kristallschädel sind manifestiert

Die Kristallschädel sind manifestiert
Isis durch Petra Margolis

Im Moment der Zerstörung der Erde in der Zeit von Lemuria und Atlantis, versammelten sich 13 Priesterinnen, um die Energie des größten Kristalls in Atlantis zu bewahren.
Die Geschichte der Erde vor der Zerstörung wurde in den Kristall gespeichert und durch die Priesterinnen in 12 Teile aufgeteilt, die Kristallschädel wurden in ihrer Form manifestiert.
Der 13. Schädel wurde von der 13. Priesterin aufbewahrt.
Der 13. Schädel wurde nie real manifestiert und die Energie wurde bis jetzt durch diese Priesterin aufbewahrt.

Während der Zerstörung der Erde wurde die Zeitlinie in 2 Linien geteilt und eine dritte in der Mitte als die Fortsetzung unserer Zeitlinie gebildet.
Die äusseren Zeitlinien, Atlantis und Lemuria, wurden verschlüsselt und durch die Explosion des Kristalls und der, durch die Teilung der Zeitlinien verusachten Kluft wurden die Energien in eurem ganzen Universum verstreut. Die Arbeiten, diese Zeitlinien, Atlantis und Lemuria, zu reparieren, war bis jetzt eine kontinuierliche Anstrengung.
Die beiden Zeitlinien sind nun fast wieder komplett und werden dann bereit sein, mit eurer Zeitlinie zu verschmelzen.
Die Kristallschädel, die die Erdgeschichte vor und nach der Explosion bewahren, werden aktiver werden. Weiterlesen →