Celia Fenn ~ TIME TRAVEL 101…… ~ Timeship Earth and the Nature of Time

TIME TRAVEL 101……  Understanding the radical shifts of the last three months!

by Celia Fenn


There seems to be one thing that everyone agrees on right now – everything is changing and very fast. The way that we used to perceive ourselves and our place in the world is changing very rapidly. Post the 2012 stargate, we have become a very different species. Our minds are often still in shock as we seek to integrate the huge changes that we can feel all around us. Sometimes it seems as though nothing has really changed, and yet we can feel the difference. I have felt this too in my spiritual work, we have shifted somewhere else and what we knew before just somehow is not „enough“ for right now.

It was no surprise when in my channel work, the Archangel Michael energy started to focus on two relatively new and interrelated subjects : our relationship with Nature and the Earth and our relationship with Time and Space. Both new, calling for new perceptions and new ways of being. I am working with what I call 21st century Shamanism, which is a way of incorporating new perceptions about Nature and Humanity, but this piece is about our new perception of and relationship with Time. We are just beginning to perceive how our relationship with Time is changing as we change, and I have called this piece „Time Travel 101“, as I believe we are just at the beginning of understanding what is possible as we work with Time.

Timeship Earth and the Nature of Time

The description of Earth as a „planet“ (literal meaning „wanderer“ in Space), seems somehow dated. Earth is a „Timeship“, a structure designed to move through Space and create Time. We are the Time Travellers. We travel with and on the Earth and we create Time on the Earth both individually and collectively.

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Celia Fenn ~ May 25th : Galactic Full Moon and Eclipse…….No Looking Back…..

by Celia Fenn

May 25th : Galactic Full Moon and Eclipse…….No Looking Back…..

Quite Simply, after this Galactic Full Moon and its final Lunar Codes, we will have completed the 2012/2013 Transit, and life will never be the same again on Planet Earth. This is a Good Thing, for we are firmly on track for the Emergence of the New in our Lives and in our World. We are moving through and past all illusions, and emerging into a time of Clarity and Peace.

This Lunar Eclipse is the third in a series, and a partner to the Solar Eclipse of 10th May when new Solar Codes were downloaded into the Solaris Sphere. Now, we have the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, which I have called the Galactic Moon, because the Galactic Center is also in Sagittarius at this moment. Also, this will be a „SuperMoon“ Full Moon, meaning that the Moon will be the closest to the Earth that it can be, and this will have an effect on the magnetics of the Earth. It promises to be a powerful few days ahead.

The Energy will climax on Monday, and so for this week-end we will ne held in this energy that releases illusions and brings in Truth and Clarity.

The Solar Eclipse of this pair, on the 10th May, was in Taurus and highlighted issues of Home, Money and Possesions as well as our Creativity. Many of us were challenged to examine these aspects of our lives. This Lunar Eclipse links us into the Galactic Center and focusses on issues of Spirituality and Cosmic Balance. Oh yes…a big one……the New Codes for Cosmic Balance have been calibrated and are now quietly being activated on our Earth through the Moon’s magnetics. This means that we are now coming back into „right relationship“ with our Earth, with the Galaxy, with the Divine Light and Plan, and of course, with ourselves.

The „deviation“ from the plan, if you would call it that, that occurred at the time of Atlantis, has been corrected and we have come back into balance with the Galactic Center. Slowly, we are learning to release the illusions and delusions that come out of the Atlantis experience and to move back into Balance with the Galactic Pulses and Transmissions. These Transmissions are coming though Loud and Clear since we reconnected with the Galactic grids and allowed the reopening of the major Stargates.

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Celia Fenn ~ May 18th : The Chaos of Now and the (brief) return of the Atlantis Energy

by Celia Fenn

May 18th : The Chaos of Now and the (brief) return of the Atlantis Energy

So what is going on? People keep asking me that. There is chaos, turmoil, „bad“ energy and everyone seems tense, anxious and ready for an argument about anything. Did you notice?…..
I certainly did!

And yes, I do understand what is going on. It all has to do with the Galactic Reconnection that ArchAngel Michael spoke about last month, and of course a few eclipses and a solar flare or two and a magnetic storm. But it will pass. I will explain it all to you, as I understand it, and also let you know about my recent work in Anatolia in Turkey.

I left South Africa for a place called Andrasan in Turkey on the 8th of May. Andrasan is in the South East near Antalya, and the purpose of the visit was to work with a Group of Lightworkers to anchor the Light Codes of Peace and Harmony in the Middle East area, as we were as close as we cold get to Syria, Iraq and Iran. No small task, and it was certainly not an easy one for any of us Spiritual Warriors. The second part of our task was Galactic Reconnection and the opening of the Stargates in the area. Also no mean task given that some of the most powerful stargates on the Planet are in this area.

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