Energy Report for March 2011 ~ Kate A. Spreckley

Energy Report for March 2011


Friday, 4 March, 2011

The energy of February certainly held its ups and downs and thankfully as we move into March we can start to welcome in a new state of consciousness.  The energy of March is most often passionate and action orientated as we move towards a new astrological year and the Spring/Autumn Equinox.  However the focus of March 2011 will be more about compassion than passion and how we bring that into action.

There is much occurring within the heavens this month and being aware and conscious of what will arise will enable you to take advantage of the coming energies.  We are living in a turbulent time, which we can see with the current movement of political, economic and social changes now occurring.

New Moon 4th March 2011

The energy of the last few months has initiated a release of the shadows of the past and now with the energy of the New Moon on March 4th, you can expand into new understandings and ideas that will reconnect you with the Divine within us all.  This energy will continue to influence you for the next 18 months and it is worthwhile consciously connecting with this supportive energy to initiate your dreams and aspirations.

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Lauren C.Gorgo ~ The Final Push: we’re crowning! ~ Uranus in Aries

The Final Push: we’re crowning!

Conscious CoCreation Coaching ~ Lauren C. Gorgo
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Uranus in Aries

So here we are again on the cusp of the astrological new year (when the sun enters the first degrees of Aries), the spring equinox in the north (the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere), the ascension of christ (consciousness) celebration…aka Easter.. but more poignantly, we are on the astrological cusp of Uranus‘ re-entry into Aries. For those of you wondering why that matters, the unseens are sharing that this transition is THE fiery (shift of the ages) energy we have been waiting for to provide us with the new celestial backdrop (playground) to transform our lives and this planet into our inspired visions of new earth.  This energy has the potential to set any remains of our old lives ablaze, and to release our new lives from our internal combustion chambers that have been churning the flames of creativity and building the pressure within us since the first Uranian visit in Aries back in June/July of 2010.

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Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness

Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness

The greatest revolution in human history begins March 11th, 2011 with the planet Uranus‘ entrance into the constellation of Aries. This is a pinnacle moment in human history that will come to be known as the Revolution of Consciousness.

Unlike revolutions of old, this revolution will be centered in the hearts and minds of the men, women, and children that inhabit the planet Earth. What is about to unfold is nothing less than the most brilliant period of not only our lifetimes, but of all lifetimes – and it starts in just a few short weeks!

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